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2023 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding dress trends that you will see everywhere.

  1. Bow Details

  2. 3-D Floral Prints

  3. Off the shoulders

  4. Capes with dress

My personal favorite out of the four upcoming 2023 wedding dress trends has to be the Bow Details.

I am a massive fan of the bow on the gown because it adds a wow touch; it leaves everyone with a bold statement.

If I were to wear a dress with a bow, I would have a simple satin gown with a low back and a bow draping at the end of the open back.

To start with number 1 of bringing it back with the Bow details.

Bow details are a sophisticated way to fancy your wedding day look and add a touch of fun to your vibe.

Bridal bows take many forms, whether draped down to the floor like a train, snugged with ribbon around the waist, or with a low back for a dramatic look.

Regardless of the style, a bow will add a unique touch. Adding a bow can make the dress look more modern or whimsical. It is all in the material of the gown that determines the look. Personally, when I think of a wedding dress with a bow, I picture a ladylike bride who is feminine but wants that wow look.

Wedding Dresses with a Bow Detail

Dove Empire

Modern touch with a draped satin corset bow.


A-line gown from lace embroidered with beads and crystals complimented with a bow.

3-D Florals

The Floral prints are back in.

Bringing that whimsical bride look to life with a floral print gown. Wearing a 3D effect bridal dress creates a statement when your guests see you; they will view you as a fun and flirty bride.

Wedding Dresses with 3D Florals


Hand embroidered royalty gown with 3D floral embellishments.


Romantic dress with 3D leafy lace. Perfect flirty dress.

Off the Shoulder

The secret to off-the-shoulder gowns...

They drive the men crazy... those collar bones are popping and glowing.

Postures in this type of dress need to be perfect. Don't forget queens, do not slouch.

Off-the-shoulder Bridal Gowns


The perfect complimenting wedding dress. Bold and stylish gown.


Off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. Very appealing to the eye and compliments the body.

Wedding Dress featuring Capes

A fashion-forward twist on the traditional veil, capes are making a way to show off the dress details and tend to give a more sculptural effect.

Capes on brides are giving that WOW effect and leaving guests plenty to talk about.

Gowns with Capes


Beaded gown accompanied by a beautiful cape adding an elegant royal touch.


Fitted lace dress with a beautiful high neck cape.. adding a romantic touch.

These are some of my favorite upcoming 2023 bridal gown trends.

This week's blog was a little shorter and straight to the point.

I hope you enjoyed reading about next year's wedding gown style trends.

PRO TIP: Wedding planning can be challenging and very stressful, but it is also a lot of fun. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, don't forget that we are here to help! Just send us an email or give us a call.

Happy Planning,

Styled by Stephanie


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