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Do's and Don'ts of Winter Weddings

How to tackle a winter wonderland wedding


Serving hot drinks upon arrival and departure.

Let's be honest... What is a wedding in the wintertime without hot chocolate?

This seasonal drink is a MUST at any event during the cold season.

Serving hot cocoa before the ceremony to warm everyone is a cozy way to welcome your guests.

There are a few ways to upgrade any standard cup of hot chocolate.

Offer Toppings and Flavors

Setting up a display of complimenting cocoa items like marshmallows, whipped cream,

different flavored syrups, gingerbread, peppermint stir sticks, and cinnamon sticks so

each guest can customize their cup of hot chocolate adds a warm cozy feeling to the winter wedding.

Make Hot Cocoa Favors

Before the guests depart, end the night on a sweet note by sending everyone home with a treat. Creating a mini package that includes a little mug, a packet of cocoa, and a message with a sweet thank you. This is a winter party favor that your guests will use and not get thrown in the trash.

Create Food Pairings

Adding a sweet treat on a stick elevates the cocoa cup. A chocolate chip cake pop, a frosted donut, or a marshmallow on a stick suits the drink. If the wedding ends late, you can incorporate this as a late-night snack idea.

Be creative with décor and guest gifts.

The greatest thing about choosing to have a winter wedding is all the winter and holiday-themed possibilities; they are endless. You can give a little Christmas-themed box filled with holiday goodies as a favor. You could also use a cute mini Christmas tree on each table with flowers mimicked as ornaments. There are so many ways to add that winter touch.

Decorate with Fairy Lights

Setting up a display with fairy lights makes everything appear more magical for the winter. There are different ways to incorporate the twinkling lights; dangling from the ceiling, placed as a centerpiece between the florals, or stringing around the trees if the ceremony is outdoors.

Festive Display

'Tis the season to add a festive touch. Something as simple as a Christmas tree place card, cranberry champagne, or peppermint cocktails. Designing a venue with a velvet touch can add that winter look. Simple wooden tables topped with velvet runners and antique candle holders. Incorporating branches in the centerpieces can bring out that rustic chic vibe. All you need to master that winter look is lots of candles, greenery, and touches of a rustic look.

Favors Guests will Happily take Home.

Party favors are a struggle bus, but for the winter, it seems easier for brides to pick a gift. Chocolate-covered pretzel sticks are the perfect sweet and salty parting treat. Easy to make at home or can order from a vendor. Another hit is festive candles; nothing screams a cozy night like a winter seasonal candle. The classic sugar cookies decorated with a snowflake design bring out the winter feels. This will be a perfect option if your guests have a sweet tooth.


Don't let your guests Freeze to Death!

There is nothing worse than enjoying your big day and looking over to see everyone is shivering and miserable.

Not everyone can handle the cold or drive in the snow, so make the location convenient for your guests.

Dress for the weather.

Get creative with some faux-fur coats and wear cozy warm boots under your dress.. no one will see them while taking photos; comfort and warmth are essential for a winter wedding. If you want to change them once the reception starts, have a bag with heels and leave them in the bridal suite. Another helpful tip is to wear tights under your long dress, giving that extra warmth.

What to Provide for Guests.

Having an outdoor ceremony in the winter is beautiful, but... no one wants to freeze. Providing a basket of blankets for your guests will help them to stay warm during the SHORT, very SHORT ceremony (the ceremony needs to be short if it is outdoor). During the reception, a fun idea would be to have baskets full of slippers so your guests can hit the dance floor with warmth on their feet.

Don't Assume your Wedding will Automatically Cost Less.

Winter weddings can be less expensive, but that may not always be the case. Please don't assume it will be cheaper since your wedding is considered off-season. Many winter weddings can add up in cost just by simple things like extra accessories, shawls, fresh flowers, and blankets.

Getting creative with seating arrangements.

Swap ceremony chairs for benches. Doing this will allow you to save money because you'll have to rent fewer pieces. Adding simple touches to the bench, like faux furs, adds a nice and cozy vibe.

Take advantage of Holiday Décor.

If you marry around the holidays, chances are you or your family might have Christmas décor you can incorporate into your wedding. This will save lots of money, and Christmas décor is always cute.

Images shared are just for inspiration, not our work.

These are just a few of the Dos and Don'ts of Winter Weddings.

I adore winter weddings, and I think this is where a bride's creativity comes out. You can work with many different items to create that winter wonderland look. Plus, families are already in town spending the holidays together, so why not add another event to celebrate?

PRO TIP: Wedding planning can be challenging and very stressful, but it is also a lot of fun. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, don't forget that we are here to help! Just send us an email or give us a call.

Happy Planning,

Styled by Stephanie


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