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Galentine's Day Party Ideas

There will never be a celebration like Galentine's Day, You can't tell me there's anything better than getting all of your BFFs together for brunch or dinner filled with laughing, a bit of tea-spilling, and endless amount of food.


How to pull off the GREATEST Galentine's Day you and your BFFs have ever had.

Step 1. Create a Theme.

-Yes, you need a theme. Having a theme will make everything more exciting. Plus, getting dress up (or down) for a themed event is the best.

-Some Ideas for you ladies:

~Pajama Party: Everyone wears...PJs.

~Gala Party: Everyone lovess... to dress up.

2. Invest in balloons.

(Sold on Esty or Amazon)

Blow up these fun balloons and place them on a wall! Your Instagram stories will be fabulous!

3. Make Personalized Goodie Bags.

~If your love language is gift giving then you'll be all over this. Grab some cute festive bags and fill them up with things you think your friends would like!

4. Have a Bake-off.

~There is nothing like a friendly competition where everybody technically wins! (Unless you're REALLY not that good in the kitchen, LOL.) Come up with a recipe and see who makes the best-looking and best tasting goodie.

5. Assign Everyone a Secret Cupid.

~It's like Secret Santa but for G-Day. Everyone picks a name out of a jar and shows up on Galentine's Day with a gift, just like cupid. Except bring her a gift she will actually love.

6. Just Do All the Face Masks.

~What's more fun than doing face masks with your BFFs and spilling some tea.

7. Play Games.

~Specifically "For the Girls" (Sold at Target)

~It's basically a mashup of Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever with cards that real like they're literally made for you all. It's a guaranteed a wild night.

8. Take Polaroids.

~Yes, Go old-school and document the night with a Polaroid cam.

9. Eat Heart-shaped Pizza.

~Besides tasting good, the look so cut and actually aren't that hard to make. If you want to get super extra, you can even make little pepperoni hearts. ( But if you wanna make it easy just order pizza from Domino's)


~Have fun and love yourselves!

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